Tech505 ownCloud

Tech505 ownCloud solution is a secure 256-bit SSL encrypted file sync and share server localy hosted by Tech505 here in Albuquerque, NM
Synchronize your data with your computer using desktop client. Select one or more directories on your local machine and always have access to your latest files wherever you are.  Mobile apps are available allowing you to access, sync and upload your data on the go
  • Store your files, pictures, documents, calendar and contacts from computers, tabets and smartphones.
  • Access, Sync and Share Your Data
  • App Available for Android, Apple and BlackBerry Devices
If a file is deleted, it can be restored by logging into your account at click on "deleted files" located on the left details sidebar to browes the trash can.
Deleted files are stored in trash for 180 days. 
Versioning creates backups of files which are accessible via the Versions tab on the Details sidebar. This tab contains the history of the file where you can roll back a file to any previous version. 
When a file changes:
For the first second we keep one version
For the first 10 seconds ownCloud keeps one version every 2 seconds
For the first minute ownCloud keeps one version every 10 seconds
For the first hour ownCloud keeps one version every minute
For the first 24 hours ownCloud keeps one version every hour
For the first 30 days ownCloud keeps one version every day
After the first 30 days ownCloud keeps one version every week
Accounts are customized to your needs!
  • Sync a single folder or your entire user account directory in windows OS, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Sync with devices such as other computers, android and iphones and customize what syncs and what does not between them.
  • Photos taken on your smart phone instantly upload to the cloud and sync to your desktop in seconds.

Sold per user. Sync to other devices 
100 GB = $ 50. per year
1.25 TB = $ 375. Per year or $ 31.25 per month
2.5 TB = $ 600. Per year or $ 50. per month
larger storage options are available.
Contact us for any questions
To access you stored data from a web browser:
Install Desktop Clients: Direct Links