October Tech Giveaway - New Dell Inspiron 15 Touchscreen Laptop

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By participating, you help promote our local tech shop.  In return we get to giveaway technology!

On 10-23-2017 we put all the names submitted into a basket, go live and pick our winner.

Free In Shop Diagnostic Test and Estimates

Now in shop diagnostics are free!

Tune up Service only $ 50.00

Virus removal with 90 day warranty now $ 50.00

Upgrade your Laptop or Desktop to Windows 10 now only $ 75.00                                                      

Thank you for choosing Tech505 and supporting local small buisness

In Shop Diagnostics & Estimates - $ Free

In a hurry? Express Diagnostics is $ 75.00 and receive priority service  24 to 48 hour fix.

On Site Diagnostics, Estimates & Travel - $ 40.00 

Our minium on site charge is $ 40.00. If you choose to have your equipment repaired the rates are listed below:

On-Site RESIDENTIAL Tech Support  – $ 75.00 for the first hour, each additional 1/2 hr is $ 37.50

On-Site  BUSINESS Tech Support - $ 90.00 for the first hour,  each additional 1/2 hr is $ 45.00

Click here for our In Shop affordable common flat rate prices!